Peach Pundit The Podcast: Smith Trumps Willis. Defund the DOJ? 2026 Guv Race. Nuclear Power.

Jason wasn’t able to join us so you were stuck with two former Legislators tonight.

Topics this week include:

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4 Replies to “Peach Pundit The Podcast: Smith Trumps Willis. Defund the DOJ? 2026 Guv Race. Nuclear Power.”

  1. Yeah, I can’t imagine that a group of MAGA powered nutjobs who were bragging about their willingness to tank the economy as a political stunt would have ANYTHING to do with Fitch thinking that maybe the federal government is a bit of a risk. Nope, it must be Biden, who has brought down inflation, created jobs, started to bring manufacturing back to the US, and by almost all signs has staved off a recession. Yeah, fuck that guy.
    At the same time, ya boy Kemp has said he would vote for a guy currently under 3 criminal indictments (with another on the way).

    1. You appear to either be ignorant of the facts about inflation, or knowingly lying.

      The link below will show the following for Inflation Rates:

      2017 – First Year of Trump: 2.1 %
      2018 – 2nd Year of Trump: 1.9%
      2019 – 3rd Year of Trump: 2.3%
      2020 – 4th Year of Trump: 1.4%

      2021 – 1st Year of Biden: 7.0%
      2022 – 2nd Year of Biden: 6.5%
      2023 – Partial 3rd Year of Biden: 3.0%

      You should learn how to LIE better…and the rest of your post is worth even…less.

    1. You…apparently have no idea how to read…Biden jacked UP the inflation in his first year and 2nd year….and we are halfway thru his 3rd year.

      Whereas Trump’s rate was less than the natural 3% for all 4 years.

      Keep on lying. No wonder you keep yourself anonymous.

      – Bill Simon

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