End the Prosecution of the Barbieri Family

My good friend, Hannah Cox, has shined some light on a case in Bartow County that has dragged on for nearly four years because of an incredibly overzealous prosecutor and Georgia’s mind-numbingly dumb approach to cannabis.

A wife and mother to an autistic child, Kelly Barbieri, grew cannabis for personal use, but she sold edibles to a “friend” who claimed that they were for his cancer-ridden mother. Apparently, law enforcement felt the need to raid the Barbieris’ home, and arrest Kelly and her husband, Dan, on various charges, including drug trafficking. Yes, drug trafficking. The State of Georgia has also separated the Barbieris from their autistic child and seized cash and their vehicles through civil asset forfeiture. (They still haven’t been convicted of any crime.)

Now, the Barbieris believe that the “friend” was an informant who traded information with law enforcement for a lighter sentencing in an unrelated case. Either way, the “friend” has since passed away. Still, the Barbieris, who don’t have criminal records, face up to 75 years in prison.

Making this case even weirder is that the assistant district attorney, Austin Waldo, who’s prosecuting this case, is inquiring whether potential jurors follow Hannah, who resides in Georgia, on social media or have read the story she published on the Barbieris’ case.

Hey, members of the Georgia General Assembly who read Peach Pundit the Blog™️, can’t you do something about this and make sure it doesn’t happen again? I know that this case may not bring headlines like others currently happening in the state, but this prosecution is absurd.

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