Welcome to the All Coast Conference Buzz!

The powers that be have announced that the ACC, which used to stand for the “Atlantic Coast Conference,” is expanding to add Stanford, Cal, and SMU as new members beginning in the 2024-2025 season.

For those who tend to be geographically challenged, SMU is in Dallas, TX and Stanford and Cal are both in California, none of which border the Atlantic Ocean.

The ACC already has a history of holding games in far, flung places. The Wrecks at Tech are already planning to start the 2024 season against the Florida State Seminoles at a neutral location in Dublin. While one may look on a map and notice Dublin, GA is about 1/2 between Atlanta and Tallahassee (and given how well each team has been doing these past few seasons, one would wonder if the teams could get enough fans to fill all 5,469 seats at Raider Field in Laurens County), the teams will be winging their way 3,921 miles away to Dublin, Ireland. Stanford, CA is only 2,459 miles from Atlanta!

While we can all raise an eyebrow on the fact the ACC now stretches from sea to shining sea, it only highlights the more important fact:


See you all ‘tween the hedges! Go Dawgs and THWGT!

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