I’m in no mood for your šŸ’©

Colton Moore sucks, man. It’s just how simps like him do.

At least, that’s what the Senate GOP Caucus essentially said (I’m paraphrasing, of course). Our very own celebrity attorney posted about it earlier today, so I won’t share the image here. However, it’s worth discussing how utterly, completely, and predictably silly this is all becoming.

Naturally, the response from King Simp and his minions went as predicted. (Note that he linked to his list building for his future ill-fated endeavor instead of to the actual article).

At this point, our government is just turning into a joke. It’s a joke because douchey little turds like Colton Moore get rewarded with his behavior, but let’s be honest here.

Moore is a symptom of our primary system that rewards celebrity more than actual job aptitude. He’s a byproduct of a media machine on the left and the right that drives you to madness for clickbait because your eyeballs pay the bills. When email newsletters are built to spread gossip and headlines are purposefully opposite of what’s written in their article, this is what we get.

Colton Moore is a clown boy. But let’s lay the blame where it’s deserved:

At your feet.

Yes, you. The turds reading this article who complain every day about the “establishment” or “globalists” or “elites” or “1%” or whatever term you use are to blame for the sad state of our society. You’re toddlers crying over your little sister one more candy than you. You blame everyone for your own failures, and you hold it against the world that it didn’t consult you before changing.

Congratulations. You’ve ruined our government because you’ve ruined the very thing that held it together:

Faith in your fellow Americans.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor, simps.

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