Government: The Thirsty Simp Trap

Y’all some thirsty simps. For real.

At this point, we’re well aware of the outlanding fundraising efforts of both Fulton DA Fani Willis and her Republican collaborator Colton Moore in the Senate. Why do I say collaborator? Well, they both exhibit how the trappings of government lead people act like some thirsty simps.

Some language lessons are probably needed for our older audience at the Dome.

“Thirsty” means you’re quite desperate for attention, and you’ll go to great lengths to get it. It’s undeniable the long drawn out drama by Willis is demonstrative of that, and now we’re seeing it with the loose tongued auctioneer from Northwest Georgia. Colton Moore knows what he says has no hope of going anywhere. Didn’t matter, though. When you put a blatant statement of “DONATE HERE” on your post, it’s more than obvious you’re not just thirsty — you straight up dayyum thurs-tay.

“Simps” are…generally over-affectionate people…but I think it’s fitting term here. These government provocateurs are in love with their own agendas, their own legends, and their own high-minded righteousness. How has this been evidenced? Fani Willis had the audacity to donate to the LG’s opponent and then investigate him with a clear intent to prosecute. And, let’s not forget that Colton Moore straight up calls other Republicans “cowards” because they can read the Constitution better than he can.

Fundraising is an undeniable part of being in office. Can’t fault either of these two for that, but there is a generally bright line that can be distinguished between outright grifting and seeking out supportive contributions. Yes, donors make requests that can sometimes be difficult to accept – but good public servants will make clear to their donors there are some things that just can’t be done for that dollar. Republicans and Democrats alike are good about that.

Fani Willis has to know she’s on very uncertain legal ground here, so are people donating to an attorney prosecuting the law? In some cases, no doubt, but the amount of energy, time, and money spent on multiple grand juries over two years has to stretch into the millions of dollars. That she doesn’t have to pay a dime of that — but can raise gobs of money for her campaign coffers – is the very definition of grifting. It’s a little more that coincidence that she launched a new website just days before the indictments were announced.

And…well, Colton Moore literally used Senate letterhead to send out a fundraising pitch. Literally.

Needless to say, Senator Bo Hatchett expressed what a number of us on the conservative side feel. Here you have a GRA-backed Republican Senator partnering with Democrats to kill legislation that is fully intended to provide oversight on runaway District Attorneys…and he’s complaining about not having oversight on runaway District Attorneys.

And, fundraising off of it.

Government, man. If it’s one thing that shows Republicans and Democrats are a lot more alike than different, it’s government – the trap for thirsty-*** simps like these two.

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  1. DUUUUUDE!!!

    “Y’all some thirty simps. For real.”


    My brain just stops…and has to be restarted again to muddle thru the actual article.

    Buuut, the meat of your piece is a fairly good presentation.

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