One of the Good Guys Needs Our Support

Joseph Cortes is a good man who has been fighting for more liberty since before I met him while I served in the legislature. Seriously, he’s been on the right side of several key issues over the years. And the Gold Dome crew can at times be a completive bunch, but it is still a close knit community. We get to know each other through the years as we fight along side, and sometimes against each other, all in an effort to form a more perfect Georgia.

About a week ago, Joseph’s family was put into crisis mode by a sudden and unexpected illness experienced by his 7 month old daughter. I will get out the way and allow you to read Joseph’s own words. Please consider answering his call for help.

“I’ve started this post about 5 times, barely able to finish the first sentence.

On Thursday, September 28th, a sick visit to the Doctor for our 7 month old beautiful and sweet baby girl Sienna turned into every parent’s worst nightmare. Sienna was diagnosed at the hospital in Marietta, GA with a triple infection of Covid, RSV, and Adenovirus. Unfortunately, what was already serious acute respiratory illness for an infant, was only the beginning. This led to a chest x-ray, that led to a (false) diagnosis of pneumonia. Sienna needed Pediatric ICU (PICU) care, and the only available bed in the region was in Chattanooga, TN, 1.5 hours away! Sienna was life-flighted there, while Kim followed behind by car, and I (Joseph) cared for our toddlers Simon (3 yrs) and Sarah (22 months) at home.

The doctors in Chattanooga were concerned the X-ray was abnormal for pneumonia, and ordered a CT scan. That scan came back showing a mass near one lung, and another near the adrenal glands/kidney. This news was devastating for us.

After a winding road between 3 different hospitals in 2 states, Sienna finally ended up at the AFLAC Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We received a diagnosis of neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. Sienna now starts the treatment journey with us by her side, and big brother Simon and big sister Sarah anxiously awaiting their family to be back together everyday.

I have accepted the fact that we will need help, and should accept help. Our needs will be many on the difficult road ahead. We ask for your prayers and good thoughts. While caring for Sienna and her medical care and treatment, Simon and Sarah will also have many needs. The financial strain will be significant as we face travel to and from the hospital, the need for additional childcare, home care, and unanticipated or uncovered medical costs.

A few friends have graciously put together a couple ways to help, should you feel compelled.

A CaringBridge site has been put together if you want to follow our journey and pray with us.

If you so choose, a MealTrain site has been set up you can go directly to and help with a meal, gift card for delivery or groceries.

A GoFundMe site has also been created for those who choose to support with a direct contribution to offset the significant financial strain and needs for Sienna, our family, and our home during this challenging time.…

Please lift our precious baby girl up, and keep us in your hearts.”

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