Colton Moore (kinda…sorta…hints at…) delivering an announcement he’s running for MTG’s seat

The Goons (how I’m going to refer to the three guys that run this site and Peach Pundit the Podcast) have talked about this a lot – and Colton Moore pretty much confirms today – he’s running for the seat currently held by Marjorie Taylor Greene. You can link to his (kinda…sorta…hints at…) announcement here.

Spurred on by his own goons in the GRA, Colton Moore views this path is his way of achieving victory running for the House. Georgia would be the worse for it. However, it also might be putting the cart a bit before the horse. There are more than a number of reasons why Moore’s path cannot simply retread that which MTG followed when she plunked down in Rome for her handpicked seat.

First, Moore has a record and she didn’t. Moore voted with Democrats on a number of occasions, but most notably on the instance of the prosecutorial oversight commission. While Alex Johnson may have a point in trying to play defense for his good ol’ boy from Northwest Georgia, it is also worth noting that Moore contributed absolutely nothing to making the legislation better. Either way, he’s on record voting with Democrats to kill oversight of Georgia’s prosecutors.

Second, Moore is not well liked by people, and his bones are not well hidden in his closet. He single handedly killed a fundraising effort by Alabama’s Roy Moore regarding a non-profit license plate application. There is the story of him treating his legislative staff so poorly that he almost lost his office space. Then, of course, how he bullied and harassed his neighbor which Scot has detailed on the podcast before.

Third, and this is a big one, he will have the almighty wrath of hell come down against him. Let’s be honest here – MTG won because Cowan’s campaign was paying the same losers attached to Casey Cagle’s run for Governor, Doug Collins’s ill-fated run for Senate, and the quixotic adventures of Tricia Pridemore and Judson Hill. It’s more than likely that the candidate that he runs with and against will have better talent that is more oriented towards winning in the 14th.

It’s been transparent from the beginning Colton Moore has zero interest in governing, but he sure does love campaigning. Welcome him to the race for Congress…he’s running, we just don’t know when yet.

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