Colton Moore, fingerprinter in chief.

Colton Moore Updates Website, Stands by Collecting Biometric Data on all Voters

“You may change what is written on the internet, but screen shots live forever.” – Benjamin Franklin (probably)

Yesterday we wrote about how State Senator Colton Moore had published his views supporting the Dominion Voting Machines, against hand marked paper ballots, and very much for the collection of biometric data for every voter in Georgia. When I posted that piece, I figured Senator Moore would scrub the site from those references because they are so outrageous. It’s why I posted the screen shot of that section of his website.

I was right and wrong.

I was right that he would back off his support for Dominion, after all his stop the steal base cannot have a champion with the stench of Dominion on him. He had to do something, so he went half measure and declared that the Dominion machines “should have” provided a more secure election.

The most glaring problem with this is that he knew at the time ballot marking devices wouldn’t deliver on that promise, and he voted for it anyway. By adding the words, “should have,” all he is doing is admitting that he lacks the discernment to parse complex policy issues. Again, this is yet another example of a politician putting their finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing. Moore shows us here that he has no core ideology that voters can rely upon to predict future behavior.

But I was incredibly wrong that Senator Moore stood by his stance on collecting biometric data on every Georgia voter. I figured once he was called out on just how draconian and authoritarian that idea is that he’d take it down. But he stood by it.

Holy smacks. Y’all. I can’t even.

How does someone claim that they are all for liberty and getting the government off your back while simultaneously calling for the creation of a massive government database for the purpose of collecting biometric data, like DNA, retinal scans, finger prints, etc. for every citizen as a condition to exercise their God given right to vote? Do you really want the government to collect your DNA and store that in a database somewhere you will have no control over it?

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see how the government might avail themselves of that information about you in a way that would violate an individual’s Constitutional Rights. Want to attend a political rally? For security purposes let us scan your eyeball as a condition to be admitted. Want to purchase a new hand gun for home protection? Give us a drop of blood, please.

That’s the world Colton Moore would unleash on all of us.

We don’t need politicians who will later say that collecting biometric data SHOULD HAVE provided a more secure election. We need people in office today who recognize those types of ideas are terrible and would never allow them to become a reality.

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