Colton Moore: Let’s Give the Government our Biometric Data… to vote.

There are people who don’t know what they really believe so it makes it really easy for them to say whatever they think you want to hear. This has obvious advantages in politics because depending on the audience a politician can tailor their message in a way that leaves the person hearing it to think that the politician is on their side. I also imagine it makes it easier for the politician to sleep at night if they have no conscience.

Enter State Senator Colton Moore, who has been railing against an election system that he helped create. Yes, it is true, Senator Moore, then Representative Moore, voted for the legislation that brought Dominion Voting Machines to Georgia. In fairness to Senator Moore, nearly all Republicans did. Only one Republican said at the time that no one would trust the bar codes, and that would be your humble author of this article.

And it is true that cyber security experts have been trying to tell Georgia Legislators that hand marked paper ballots were superior at avoiding security issues than electronic ballot marking devices. Colton Moore knew this at the time because I told him that was the case. Armed with that knowledge, I voted against the bill and he voted for it anyway.

Since then it has been difficult to pin Senator Moore down on where he stands. In one moment he talks about how the average person distrusts the government while he simultaneously advocates for the government to have access to your biometric data for the purpose of creating a voter ID. He states on his website that, “The [Dominion] machines in Georgia provide a secure and simple voting method.” But then rails against that system he voted to create by stating, “we must get back to a simple, handwritten record of one’s vote.” But he has also written that, “the smallest pen-mark or mistake on a paper ballot could change the result, and our voting technology is too advanced to allow for that level of error.” I’m telling ya, always be weary of the person who changes their position depending on their audience. They have no core beliefs, other than what is good for them in the moment.

Since it is likely that Senator Moore will scrub his website and try to make people believe he never held these views, here is a screen capture of it, verified this morning, 12/11/2023.

Imagine a world where you would need to get fingerprinted in order to vote, or to have a retinal scan. Imagine what the government could do with that kind of centrally stored data on every citizen who wished to exercise their right to vote. It is a world that Colton Moore has given plenty of thought to and is gladly willing to use the police power of government to force you to comply. And he believed in it so much that he put it on his website that bears his name.

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  1. This comment is directed toward the “Paper Ballots, Please” crowd: while Scot points out that cyber security experts say hand marked paper ballots are more secure, those same experts over look the fact that hand marked paper ballots have lots of problems too,

    Corrupt political machines have a hundred years of practice stealing votes and rigging elections with paper ballots.

    Senator Moore is a hypocrite for sure, but that doesn’t mean we should toss out the ballot marking devices in favor of a flawed all paper voting system.

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