Is the GAGOP preparing for war on Republican legislators?

When legislators go to Dome on Monday to begin the 2024 session, it will be the first time they convened with the GAGOP in the hands of…interesting…people. Observers would think former Senator Josh McKoon, now Chairman, would have the bridge to end the cold war between elected officials and the “grassroots”. His time in the legislature would indicate a thaw is unlikely.

The biggest problem Chairman McKoon must navigate is not the poor relationships with legislators. In fact, it’s that his own officers want no relationship with the legislators. Case in point, the Defroster himself, David Cross.

Legislators were sent emails that indicated David Cross is “training” his followers to print off contribution records and confront them at the Wild Hog Supper tonight. Make no mistake, the gluttony on full display there would give you Animal Farm vibes. IRL, it serves as an important fundraiser for Farm to Food Bank programs and important moment to connect with real people before the heat of session.

Here’s some screenshots of his missives below:

Of course, the argument goes “I’m not telling anyone to confront legislators…” So be it on semantics. We know the general tenor and tone of those who have his beliefs. 2VC Cross, like the only remaining people in the GAGOP right now, are pretty generally clueless as to what motivates legislators. They demand obedience, lose elections, and then wonder why legislators don’t pay attention to them…

…and, of course, it goes without saying that when some of your “ideas” range from rehashing grievances over an election that was not stolen to supporting the very position that Stacey Abrams has supported since she lied about her election being “stolen” in 2018, nobody trusts your word.

This is just another opportunity for legislators to start flexing hard against the foes from the right that want the same thing the Democrats want – to beat Republicans in the legislature. The GAGOP is declaring war.

It will lose.

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