Fani Willis Continues to Show Poor Judgement

And it might not be for the reason you think.

The legislature has returned to the Gold Dome and yet the biggest news story in Georgia has nothing to do with anyone at the Capitol. Instead news broke yesterday that Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, is accused of hiring her lover, someone with no apparent experience prosecuting RICO charges, as a special prosecutor in the Trump case. She then allegedly used tax payer money to pay her lover a huge salary that he in turn used to take her on a pair of cruises. Adding to the damaging accusations is that the Fulton DA’s office has a roster of experienced RICO prosecutors, so the need to hire a special assistant district attorney is dubious.

It’s the type of allegation that one could reasonably dismiss out of hand because it is so outrageous on its face. I mean, who would do something so stupid? It isn’t believable.

Only two things keep me from dismissing it entirely at this point and the first is that she has already shown extraordinary poor judgement by hosting a fundraiser for the political opponent of Lieutenant Governor, Burt Jones, while simultaneously seeking to prosecute him. This showed a fundamental lack of judgement on her part and has earned her a court order barring her from prosecuting LG Jones. No prosecutor in the state has stepped forward to take on that task as of today.

And the second is that I cannot find a single news story where she has given a full throated denial of the accusations. Instead the Fulton County DA’s office, through a spokesperson, said the accusations would be answered in court filings. And this is the the point I want to hammer on.

Peach Pundit is not a breaking news site. So when I first read about the accusations I decided to wait to see what she had to say about them. A simple, “the evidence will show these allegations to be false,” would have been what I expected to see in a statement from her or her office. Instead, there is no denial as I type these words.

I cannot wait to read the motion. It will probably start something like, “well, you see, what had happened was…”

Until we see the filing answering the accusations, the media is having a field day attacking her credibility. And that is what gives me pause and makes me further question her judgment in handling these accusations and the entire case. Why not just definitively deny them if they are untrue? Unless… Unless they are.

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