Peach Pundit The Podcast: Post Sine Die Edition.

Scot, Jason, and Buzz were all on hand tonight as we look back at the 2024 session of the Georgia Legislature.

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Topics included:

  • Legislation that died.
  • Legislation that survived.
  • GAGOP 1st Vice Chair punished for voting illegally. – Be sure to read Jason S.’s articles here, and here.
  • You’ll never guess who was the first person to call on Pritchard to resign.
  • SB 420 would prohibit hostile nations like China from buying up farmland.
  • Reps Hilton, Silcox, Anulewicz, pass pro-IVF resolution with Speaker Burns as #2 signer.
  • Baseball season begins!

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2 Replies to “Peach Pundit The Podcast: Post Sine Die Edition.”

  1. Buzz, you claim this above: “GAGOP 1st Vice Chair punished for voting illegally.”

    He wasn’t and hasn’t been “punished.” Pritchard has been found to have voted illegally. But I haven’t read about any kind of “punishment” he has endured, or if one is spelled-out in the Administrative Law Judge’s decision.

    What I don’t know is whether this will now go back to the State Elections Board for an actual “punishment.” What is their limit of “punishment” that they can mete out?

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