McKoon Ups Pressure on Pritchard to Resign after Contentious GAGOP Meeting

There was a meeting of the Georgia Republican Party last night to discuss the status of First Vice Chair Brian Pritchard after a court found that he had voted illegally nine times and also some other… stuff. We are told by sources in the room that Pritchard had taken to what amounted as a filibuster, talking well into the 9:00 hour in an effort to prevent others from having an opportunity to be heard.

Chairman of the GAGOP, Josh McKoon sent us this statement this morning:

“Last night during a meeting of our State Executive Committee I called upon our First Vice Chairman to resign. Today I am making that call public.

My reasons are simple. I ran on two campaign commitments — electing our Republican nominee for President and ending the prosecutorial “witch hunt” against our Republican Presidential Electors.

The judicial finding that our First Vice Chairman registered to vote illegally and voted illegally nine times makes it harder to accomplish both of these goals. His resignation will allow us to focus all of our time, attention, and resources on electing President Trump and ending the evil Willis prosecution.”

Josh McKoon

The rules of the state party require 32 days notice of a meeting to call for the removal of one of their officers. We are also told that the notice for that meeting should be expected to go out sometime today in the wake of Pritchard’s refusal to resign.

We here at Peach Pundit give kudos when people do the right thing and even though we have been objectively tough (with good reason) on Cobb GOP Chair, Salleigh Grubbs, and Kandiss Taylor, we give them the credit they deserve on this issue because we are told they were very loud in their position that Pritchard should go. Well done, ladies. Well done.

However we are also told that David Cross, the 2nd Vice Chair and self proclaimed election expert, defended Pritchard. Never mind that Democrats from around the country have been ridiculing the voter confidence movement because of the court’s findings of Pritchard’s illegal voting. One has to wonder how someone who has made secure and valid elections such a part of their identity, as Cross has, can argue that someone with a record of voting illegally should remain in such a highly visible party position. How would doing so amount to anything other than to destroy one’s own credibility?

For Pritchard’s part, he had his wife issue a statement on Pritchard’s Radio Show Twitter account, including a tag of Peach Pundit.

In the statement Mrs. Pritchard attacks just about anyone that came to her mind, including Marjorie Taylor Greene and one of her staff, the aforementioned Kandiss Taylor, and, checks notes, Bill White? She also mentions defamation in the rant statement, which is curious because truth is a defense against a defamation claim. The statement has been quickly labeled as her “Stand by your man,” decree by activists who have been following the developments.

To be honest we never expected Brian Pritchard to resign. I mean, why would he? By fighting all the way until he is kicked out can only serve to raise his profile and therefore the ratings of his radio show. Claiming martyrdom is a handy tool for the average grifter even if it amounts to nothing more than stolen valor. To be clear Pritchard is not a victim here. No, Pritchard did this to himself and has forced the party to take action rather than doing the noble thing and stepping aside.

He’s now on the clock. 32 Days and counting down.

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  1. As a longtime observer of Rock ‘Em-Sock ‘Em robots applied to the political world, Lisa Pritchard’s smack-back to Kandiss is most excellent here in this bit: “Kandiss Taylor you need not “feel sorry” for me…I don’t live in a delusional “Jesus knows I’m governor” world.”

    “…delusional “Jesus knows I’m governor” world.” (LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!)

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