Things in the GAGOP just jumped up a notch…

Whew…boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really gout out of hand fast…

Ron Burgundy

One wonders what members of the General Assembly are thinking right now. As they watch the GAGOP drama unfold, Democrats have to be gleefully giggling amongst each other. Meanwhile, Republicans are probably wondering why the drunk uncle that makes all the nieces feel uncomfortable is still being invited over for dinner.

Let’s take a few moments to speculate about what happens next.

But first, let’s just recognize the circus for what it is. GAGOP Vice Chairman Brian K. Pritchard – who notably beat the Hashtag Queen of Dekalb County and a longtime Establishment Hack – to win his election last summer voted illegally. He’s being hounded to resign from his position by members of Congress who have an axe to grind and Georgia’s “rightfully” anointed Governor.

Not to mention the, uhhhh, “screenshots” (disclaimer: they raunchy af – you’ve been warned).

And to add even more nutbaggery to the proceedings, the source of those “screenshots” has a history of blaming 9/11 on Jews, calling Putin a Christian nationalist who she has more in common with than Joe Biden, and agreeing with Uganda’s policy of putting homosexuals to death. This all with the “screenshots” appearing to be printed in color, cut out, photographed, and then shared on Twitter. 😂

It’s all just a bit too crazy…and we’re not even talking about what is happening with the help of GRA right now and their illegal “accountability” rules.

Which brings me back to the legislators.

Democrats want nothing more than to watch this reality show continue. Right now, the newer crop of Democratic electeds are promising more progressive, woke policies anywhere they can get away with it – policies people don’t generally agree with. And, they’ve hit a bit of a wall in their mission considering their gambit to sue for better maps absolutely blew up in their face.

They can point to how conservative the Senate is, but those seats aren’t fluid and won’t likely flip anytime soon. Furthermore, they can’t exactly claim the House is a hotbed of radicalism, either, considering how deft Speaker Burns has been at leading his caucus and legislating well. If the Democrats thought they could capitalize on self-inflicted mistakes out of the Republican caucus, they thought wrong…

…and they know that. Which is why the big tent circus in the GAGOP is such a welcome series of headlines.

GOP legislators may have a golden opportunity to sever the GOP party apparatus legally as much as they have philosophically. Despite being wrong, the GRA will continue to repeat their claim they can counteract lawful and legal candidate qualification laws by claiming the First Amendment’s assembly clause shields them. If that’s what they want, let the GRA-GOP chimera control who claims to be a party member (which they absolutely can), “censure” any elected official they want (which they already do), and stay out of election administration altogether (which they should).

More than that, legislators have zero respect for the leaders of the GOP right now as it is. The Kemp team has zero use for them, but more importantly, zero need with a well-built party apparatus. McKoon lacks any meaningful respect in the General Assembly. Worse, he’s shown himself to be a feckless coward unwilling to do what’s right. After all, he can’t lose the only meaningless position he can hold right now.

This is the time for the General Assembly to sever ties between party organizations as an election administration partner. Yes, the party’s finances will be gutted – especially at a county level – but they’re hardly healthy as it is. Democrats will put up a stink, no doubt, but they never want for funds with wealthy California and New York donors footing the bill for Stacey living her best life.

Since last year’s convention…whew, things have escalated quickly. I mean, they have gotten out of hand fast…

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