The Race is Afoot

H/T to the estimable Maggie Lee. If you aren’t following her on Twitter, do it.

Sen. Burt Jones (R-Crazytown Jackson) has finally made a decision and in the last hour has officially filed paperwork to run for LG.

New filing from Georgia #gapol or local candidate:
Lieutenant Governor— GaPolBot (@GaPolBot) August 7, 2021

Jones is definitely tacking to the Trumpist wing of the party, and boldly. Will it work in the primary? Possibly. The Trumpist wing of the party has definitely grown in the base that shows up for primaries. However, I would argue that Pro Tem Miller is a fundraising power house. He’s also a pretty affable dude courtesy of his decades of experience as both a politician and car salesman. It’s really hard to not like the guy once you’ve met him.

As previously mentioned, I worked for President Pro Tem Miller. I also bought a Honda from him.

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