The Georgia Republican Assembly Hatches Plot with House Democrats to Remove Speaker Ralston

Of course, that is not going to happen.

But, since the GRA loves to use sensational clickbait headlines to grab your attention, we thought we’d give it a try here at the Peach. They don’t call me The Grifter for nothing. Since you ARE here to read some sensationalism, though…

Last night, the Georgia Republican Assembly posted the image below to their twitter feed.

Some context is warranted. This past weekend, the House Republicans met in Atlanta to hear from their candidates for office heading into the fall. This biennial tradition gives the money men and women in the House caucus the chance to vet their candidates and evaluate who is worth investing in and who isn’t. Naturally, that process is going to be easier for some than others. GRA candidates have to promise they will not support Ralston under any circumstances for Speaker before they can be considered by the organization.

So, back to the photo above. The image is a shot from the 1940s of a Nazi kill squad executing Georges Blind, a member of the French resistance. He smiled while they aimed their guns.

Yes, you saw that correctly – the military of a regime that brutally committed some of the worst ethnic genocide in human history against Jews, Slavs, and other human beings they deemed less than desirable was equated to a group of men and women that invited Republican members to attend and explain why they needed and deserved support from the House Republican Caucus. If your argument is “You’re a Nazi!” then you cannot be surprised when those very men and women don’t warm up to you so kindly. In fact, it’s bloody confusing why the GRA, in their infinite principles, would be asking “Nazis” for help anyway.

Given that comments like this are frequently taken out of context, we gave GRA Chairman Alex Johnson and Brant Frost IV’s son a genuine opportunity to comment. We even offered the opportunity to review the advance copy of this post to ensure they were treated as fairly as they possibly could be. No answer. So, we’ll offer some conjecture here on the part of our readers.

Chairman Alex Johnson, who has a history of colluding with Democrats given his history of voting in Democratic primaries, is trying to collude with Democrats again to elect a liberal speaker.

What would suggest that, you say? First, the email that is linked in the GRA tweet is pretty blatant in placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of Ralston for why the GRA sought to target Ralston during the primary. One question the GRA asks prior to endorsement is “Would you vote for Ralston for Speaker?” Despite that, their email says:

So right now when the Atlanta Establishment could be trying to mend old wounds and build bridges to earn conservative support for the general election —instead they’re stirring more division! Why would they risk losing these critical viable seats to Democrats? Why sabotage their own party? Why would the State House “Republican Caucus” be so against activists dedicated to promoting accountability to the principles of the Republican platform?

GRA Email Linked in Tweet, 8/15/22

Here’s the notable thing: the email also says “The number of endorsed candidates running for State House was particularly encouraging since virtually every one of these candidates pledged to not support David Ralston for re-election as Speaker of the House, if elected as a State Representative.” So, looking at the endorsed candidates for House from the GRA website, it’s interesting to see how poor of a strategy that really is.

The GRA endorsed 33 candidates for State House. 9 were uncontested, so…who cares. Literally, a meaningless endorsement on the Republican side. Most if not all those districts, too, are Democratic leaning and won’t be even close for Republicans in this election cycle. Hard to justify spending a ton of money on someone who likely won’t win. If they do, they’ve already said they don’t want Republican David Ralston as speaker (without identifying both a viable alternative who is saying they will challenge him for the role). Furthermore, they said he was a Nazi via the GRA as evidenced above.

The real analysis comes in the form of the win-losses in contested primaries. Of the 24 contested primaries, 20 were losers by the GRA – including the only Republican-incumbent to lose to a challenger this cycle, Sherri Gilligan. Yes, it’s true Bonnie Rich lost as an incumbent, as well…but, to another incumbent, David Clark, who retained a good chunk of his old district. Also, each of those district are Republican districts, meaning the general might take a bit of work but is already largely decided.

So, 13 GOP-GRA endorsed candidates for the fall out of 34. Here, my fellow grifters, is why that is notable and is a clear indication of why Alex Johnson and Brant Frost IV’s son intend to partner with the Democrats.

In each of these fights and more, it has been the GRA and our endorsed legislators who have been standing up against this wayward Republican leadership. Our numbers are growing in the legislature with this recent batch of primary victories, and it’s making them nervous. Why?

Because it would only take ten votes to unseat David Ralston (Blue Ridge) from being Speaker of the Georgia State House, and they know that most of our endorsed candidates have pledged to vote against Ralston as Speaker next year. They also know we are in reach of obtaining that objective. They know we are a threat to these RINOs. They fear us. (emphasis added)


So, who is the alternative? Well, on the Republican side…nobody? In a notable brouhaha this year which saw the Speaker sideline Barry Fleming as a potential rival, Fleming himself doused that fire. Ergo, it’s not likely to be him. David Clark couldn’t muster the support to even come close to challenging Ralston for Speaker, and it’s not likely to change this time, either. Clark has a history of knifing other “anti-Speaker” conservatives, like Honorable Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist Promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Peach Pundit, when his less than conservative father-in-law decided to run for Congress than back to State Senate.

All that leaves is the Democrats. Assuming the election prognostications are accurate, the GRA wouldn’t even need 10 votes to unseat the Speaker…but, only if the Democrats join forces with the GRA to accomplish that feat.

Ponder that for a moment. An increasingly progressive Democratic caucus partnering with the GRA, who once were liberty and now are…something…to remove a Republican Speaker. It’s the only path in front of them, and we’ll take their silence as a tacit admission we’re sniffing up the right tree.

Criticisms of Speaker Ralston are fair. He’s not even close to perfect. But, effective he is. Republicans have spearheaded significant budget surpluses in uncertain economic times. Major manufacturers are coming to the State and bringing significant jobs and investments with them. Conservative legislation has passed through the legislature to Governor Kemp’s desk.

Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

We’ll close out the long post with this – the beginning words of the GRA email.

They say that after the primary is over, all Republicans are supposed join together, sing Kumbaya, and work together to get our Republican nominees elected in November.


…unless you are Speaker Ralston. You’re not entitled to the GRA-endorsed candidates’ support as Speaker. You are expected to stand by and welcome in your conspirators with a smile while they hatch plots with the progressives in the House.

I imagine, Mr. Speaker, you’re supposed to sit with a courageous smile like Georges Blind while the firing squad blames you for their own behavior.

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