You. Are. To. Blame.

The Honorable Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist Promoted to Editor-in-Chief Before Becoming Owner of Peach Pundit wrote up a fantastic piece about the resignation letter of longtime conservative activist. Read it.

If not clear already, let me state it plainly – the GRA = the GAGOP. I don’t say that pejoratively. It is a demonstrated fact that every single one of the major county apparatuses are now firmly in the control of men and women who equate what the GAGOP should be with what the GRA is. You can pass your own judgement on what that means. Let me give you my thoughts.

👏 You. 👏 Are. 👏 To. 👏 Blame. 👏

As a preface, the irony that Alex Johnson has absolutely no respect for me and this article praises his capabilities is not lost on me. He doesn’t know who I am, so when I say “me” I mean anyone that he considers a grifter (or in Alex’s words a “loser”). Take this portion of his email announcing GRA’s victories over the past weekend:

Naturally, the losers (much of the paid political industry and their followers, including paid lobbyists) reacted as expected. / Some acted like children and loudly declared the party irrelevant. / Others are seeking credibility through self-advertisement in groups and media channels that oppose accountability under the guise of unity. / Any many others attacked the GRA and its members or leaders, including the AJC, misrepresenting a group pushing for basic Republican principles (as seen on the GRA website LINK) as being “uber-conservative” or radical.

GRA Email, 3/15

Alex has always had a flair for the dramatic. He’s improved tremendously in his showmanship over the years since he was soundly trounced for National Committeeman. Don’t read that statement with a mocking tone. Alex is a generally intelligent, cunning, and resourceful orator who moves people to coordinated action, something GRA folk wanted prior to knowing they were GRA folk. Alex, better than most of you, understands the emotional decision-making of GRA party activists. Take another line from his email to demonstrate that skill:

And [grifters] do it while saying they want to see “Republicans win” and that we “All need to work together”, while concurrently trying to purge anyone from the party who advocates accountability, principles, or those who truly supported Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ron Paul, the Tea Party, Pat Robertson, or many other candidates. Those people had their way in Georgia for much of the 21st century, and that is why we have unaccountable politicians in Georgia who instituted a cronyist tax-credit scheme that has led to the importation of Democrat voters and the loss of two Senate seats to the Democrats. And it’s also why, now that people who demand accountability have taken leadership within the party, various politicians are cowardly declaring the party irrelevant and trying to set up various donor/financial schemes to advance their own personal political ambitions while being able to ignore the will of the vast majority of voters.

At some level, he has a point. For years, the dying wings of the Republican Party constantly stressed the importance of “unity” for the sake of being unified. Why? Because Democrats are always unified, so we need to be unified. In other words, act like Democrats. For years, people were punished by a vindictive Chairman who led a secret life as a peodophile. There is a something to the truth that a Democratic donor and power broker at the capitol remains a part of the executive board of the GAGOP.

Even now, the grumblings of the GRA takeover miss one thing – the losers are always in control of their own destiny but patently refuse to adapt to the times and court people that otherwise see no value in the party process. If the argument is “We need you, so show up and do what you’re told,” most Republicans are going to show people the middle finger and attend their kids’ Saturday soccer matches. Hell, this is why I don’t spend any time grifting in the GOP party structure. It’s pointless.

Alex and his organization don’t have any interest in growing the party. In fact, their position of authority requires the activist crowd to be insular and segregated from the Republican population at-large. Alex may not want to admit this, but his organization’s views are, in fact, quite radical even among the Republican base. It was his organization’s acolytes that spearheaded the censuring of Brian Kemp in Cobb County, only for Governor Kemp’s performance in Cobb County to be 6.74% better than his outstanding performance statewide. It was his National Director in the GRA that praised God for the death of another human being.

Frankly, the GRA would be in an immense amount of trouble if anyone in the activist class wisened up to the fact that less than 1/2 of 1% of Kemp’s primary voters would simply need to show up to caucus meetings. (For the record, the Governor, Speaker, and Senate leadership understand this perfectly – which is why the GRA’s record in primaries is so abysmally poor).

But, they don’t. And, if you’re not GRA and have read this far, it is entirely your fault.

If you’ve ever told someone to “pay their dues” – you’ve destroyed the party. If you’ve ever ridiculed someone’s primary choice – you’ve destroyed the party. At some point, the outcasts learned you were a paper tiger.

Alex understands this. You don’t.

Want to win? Be Better. Do Better.

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