About Peach Pundit

Peach Pundit defies description. It’s a blog, social club, force for good, way of life, and some would even describe it as a cult.

Those words have been the only ones to grace the Peach Pundit About Page since its original inception at some point years ago, the date is not exactly clear. What was clear was that our original founders, Clayton Wagar and Erick Erickson, needed some sort of creative outlet back in the early days of Red State. And so many consider Peach Pundit to be one of the oldest political blogs in Georgia.

Today Peach Pundit continues many of the traditions for which it has been (in)famously known. Contributors and Editors-in-Chief have come, left their mark, and gone. We are grateful for their contributions because they built one of the most recognizable brands in political blogging.

Here are some things you should know about Peach Pundit today.

  • We believe in the ultimate right of conscience here. That means sometimes you will see posts from different contributors which contradict each other. Our contributors are free to write about what ever they want and express their own personal opinions. No one speaks for the Peach Pundit Community as a whole.
  • Personal Opinions are just that, personal, and do not reflect the views of those with whom any of us are professionally affiliated.
  • Our contributors have three rules; Write truth and avoid defaming or libeling anyone. And the third is that we take doxxing seriously and prohibit it.
  • Until recently, our contributors have been uncompensated for their work. But now they receive a share of 90% of the profits from this site. If you want to help compensate them, please consider joining our list of Patreons at patreon.com/peachpundit.
  • We are generally conservative here, but not all of us.
  • Contributors are just people and all of them deserve respect. Some are just getting started in politics, some have a long history of activism, and others have served or currently serving in elected office.
  • If you choose to remain anonymous we are cool with that. But if someone figures out it is you, well, that’s on you.
  • Your ability to post comments on this blog is not a right and can be removed at anytime for any reason. But the only people who have ever had this ability taken away so far was because they were epic assholes, not because they disagreed with something posted here.
  • This is not your place to spew Two Minutes Hate. Be a contributing member of the community or find somewhere else to be miserable.
  • Peach Pundit may partner with ad sites from time to time and all of our users are therefore subject to their terms and conditions.

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