Stop Making Threats Against State And Local Officials.

The AJC’s Greg Bluestein sent this out earlier today:

There is no doubt emotions are running hot in our politics these days, and given the announcement of chargers against former President Trump and 18 others, some people’s emotions will boil over. However, threatening Elected Officials, or anyone else for that matter, is not the way to deal with your emotional distress. As this email to Legislators makes clear, your threats will be passed on to the GBI and they will investigate. Having served in office I can tell you the GBI takes these sorts of threats very seriously – so for your own sake, don’t make threats.

Here’s my free advice: log off social media, turn off the TV, shut the radio off, go outside and talk to your neighbors – but not about Trump or about politics. Talk about ANYTHING but Trump and politics. You know what you’ll find if you take my advice? The people of this country are still pretty good for the most part. We’re not doing as bad as it appears on social media, or in the news. The dark clouds that BOTH parties want you to think covers our land isn’t as dark as they want you to think. If we’ll love our neighbors and put their well being ahead of our own, we can make progress on the problems we face.

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