Dear Colton,

Dear State Senator Colton Moore,

You are reckless. You are self serving. And you are going to get someone hurt.

But you probably didn’t think about any of that.

If this letter should take you off guard, it is offered with the matching level of courtesy you chose to show your colleagues by publishing a letter calling for a special session without picking up the phone to make a single call to generate support for your idea. An idea you knew from its inception would never work, but were compelled by your own self interest to publish anyway. Why allow this historic moment to pass without your 15 milliseconds of fame?

I have been trying to make sense of why you would call for a special session to impeach Fani Willis when you know such an effort would require democrats in both chambers to sign on. You have known from the beginning that simply wasn’t going to happen. And yet, you persist.

Maybe it is your background as a professional auctioneer that gives you a flair for showmanship? Perhaps it is your age and that your prefrontal cortex hasn’t fully formed yet so you don’t understand risk? Perhaps it is that you see opponents where you should see friends in your fellow members of the majority. Or, like a kicked puppy that grows into an aggressive dog, the system of punishment used in the days of your time in the House has made you a victim in your own mind, and you have a deep seeded need to lash out at everyone.

But mostly I just think you are engaged in an attention grabbing grift. Because you know you never had the votes to call for a special session, that means all of this is just about you. It isn’t about Trump. It isn’t about Fani Willis. It isn’t about your colleagues who see reality clearly and therefore won’t foment anger in people like you have chosen to do.

You have been so busy trying to raise money from this moment because the way you treat people (like your original admin, who you treated so poorly that leadership in the Senate seriously considered not giving you an office this past session) has left you with no influence or ability to raise campaign funds. I think it is likely that when you came to this realization that desperation began to sink in, and desperate people do desperate things.

So not only are you reckless and self serving, you are desperate too.

By now, I hope, you have been made aware of Georgia Bureau of Investigation Chief, Chris Hosey’s, letter to state and local officials admonishing them to contact law enforcement to report threats or”incidents of concern.” Do you know what the phrase, “incidents of concern,” means in this context? It means getting attacked or assaulted. It means having their lives put at risk.

Congratulations, you finally actually did something with your time in the legislature, because you definitely did that.

If someone is injured or, Lord forbid, loses their life because they bought into your reckless, self-serving rhetoric and decided to take action you will have blood on your hands. But I am certain that thought never crossed your mind, see my observation on the state of your prefrontal cortex above. Besides, someone else losing their life isn’t about you, right?

If you were actually willing to put your own life on the line, you would have signed up to join our men and women in uniform by visiting a military recruiter back when you wrote another ridiculous letter. But you never did. Maybe it was too risky? Maybe the thought that a drill sergeant would have made you his favorite play toy during basic training made you tap out on the idea altogether.

But none of this is about serving the people of Georgia to the best of your ability anyway, right? Because in a couple of years, when Marjorie Taylor Green runs for Senate or for the Governor’s mansion, you will already have the required name ID to launch a run to be her successor. Other consequences be damned altogether, because the path toward your own glory is the only thing you have thought through without a single moment to consider how any of this might impact others.

You child.

This isn’t a game.

With all due respect,


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