Legislative democrats cringe rn

Governor Kemp signed into the law the legally mandated redistricting handed down by Judge Steve Jones (D – Northern District of Georgia). Now, it’s back in the hands of 1 unelected federal court official.

Cherish the thought…the Democrats are.

It’s kinda disgusting, actually.

Democrats are more than happy to frame counterfeit arguments for wanting pickup opportunities under the guise of “Republicans are just a bunch of racists.” It’s not hard to understand why. The AJC’s reporting of redistricting is peppered with brilliant nuggets like “In Georgia, Black voters overwhelmingly support Democrats and white voters usually back Republicans.”

Deep thoughts, but also purposefully ignorant of the changing reality that demographics are breaking down as predictors. The Economist, an actual and worthy source for actual and worthy understanding of the complex dynamics, had this to say in an article from November 16:

But the party realignment has not played out as experts expected. Working-class and non-white voters, once steadfast Democratic supporters, are shifting to the Republican Party in droves. Between 2018 and 2022, Republican margins among the white working class, already large, grew by seven percentage points. Among the non-white working class, the swing was more than double that.

Meanwhile, in those four years non-whites’ support for Democrats has flagged significantly—by six points among African-Americans, by 11 points among Hispanics and by 19 points among Asians. Greater backing among college-educated whites, who are repelled by Mr Trump’s inflammatory outbursts about race, gender and immigrants, is the main way the Democratic Party has stayed competitive.

Race was once the most important dividing line in American politics; now it is education. A great inversion is under way: Democrats, once the party of workers, are attracting the poor and the professional elite; Republicans, once the party of the country club, are appealing to the racially diverse working and middle class. How did this happen?

The article goes on to cite sources written by two Democratic “seers,” John Judis and Ruy Teixeira. Here’s a real-life example of why: remember when Senator Joshua Bonaparte McLaurin posted a picture of a check for anyone who would run a primary Mesha Mainor? Remember when his words of her switching parties was “good riddance?” You know, the Ivy league educated white guy in the Senate that attacked an HBCU-educated black woman of his own caucus in the House for having audacity to support school choice.

And, sadly, they’re words repeated this very week by another white attorney in Senator Elena Parent when she lectured Republicans with “I hope you … recognize that the future of America is a multiracial democracy and that the Republican Party cannot survive without also becoming a multiracial party that it currently is not…”

Deep thoughts, and again ignorant of the truth that racial demographics are becoming less predictive of political ideology…and, the words of your fellow caucus member.

Legislative Republicans would be smart to call out – aggressively and unapologetically. When white Democrats stand on “racial justice” when they graduate from law schools that deliver JDs to white students at a rate of 4-1 over persons of color, the rhetoric is nothing short of abusive.

It’s easy for them to point to the words of someone like Tommy Benton, but that moronic failure of a human is an easy example to point out – but for Republicans too.

Right now, Democrats are flailing because they abused the need for continued racial healing in this country for their own partisan gain…and, the Republicans in charge responded. The judge, under his order, dictated that more black-majority districts be drawn.

They were.

To equate that more black-majority districts mean more Democratic districts is disgusting. Whether or not it’s actually illegal is up to the judge (and eventual appellant courts), but it’s absolutely immoral. Yes, real racism exists – and yes, it exists in the Republican Party. You know what, though? It is alive and well in the minds of white Democratic lawmakers like McLauren and Parent.

When you eventually read this and cry, remember that. Do better.

To the AJC, do better.

To the good senators, do MUCH better.

Most of all, to the U.S. District Judge, please do much better.

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