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“The Winning Argument” by Education Veritas

As someone who’s all about media and commentary, I’m always diving into articles with unique takes. I’ve decided to highlight perspectives from cool experts who’ve caught my eye. Check out these opinion pieces in my “Consider This” blog, thanks to “The Elephant in the Room Editorial.” In this round, enjoy an Opinion Piece by Kate Hudson, the brains behind Education Veritas [].

Leadership is bringing order to chaos…unfortunately, our nation’s education system is in the midst of a deep perversion of leadership. Heads of schools, elected officials, and so-called educators have abandoned their teaching responsibilities to pursue all sorts of far-left activism. As a result, our children under 16) are likely to be more conversant with Marxist ideas and queer theory than the Pythagorean theory. You don’t have to be a Republican or even a conservative to recognize this problem. Even our friends across the aisle recognize that American parents have soured on the education establishment’s various crusades, which is particularly alarming for educators’ traditional ally, the political left.

Gender ideology has infected our schools, and the entire nation observes its sickening effects. Not only are schools turning into LGBTQ activist arms, but they are also turning out students who can’t read, write, or compute, and who have little functional knowledge of our Constitution or our history outside of the cherry-picked and revisionist bits that are presented through the lens of critical race or critical queer theories. Piles of data tell us that our educators, with the exception of an admirable few, are failing to educate America’s children.

Protecting children from “queer theory” and gender ideology is not about eliminating or “harming” the trans community; it’s about protecting the sacred parent-child relationship from interlopers who see the malleable minds of children as fresh territory for sexual conquest. It’s about affirming that truth exists and that it has consequences for mental health and human sexuality. It means protecting our children from school-sponsored gender confusion that studies have consistently linked to depression and suicide.

Children deserve the same space to be who they are without adults pushing ideologies and confusion on them. A grand educational shift doesn’t need to occur because a boy prefers playing with dolls, or a girl hates wearing dresses or prefers less feminine things. Let children be allowed to go through puberty—a universally challenging rite of childhood— and things are likely to sort themselves out. Some of these non-gender-conforming children simply grow up to be gay, comfortable in their own skin, and living productive lives. We don’t need English teachers, counselors, or administrators overstepping their privileges to discuss their own or our children’s sexuality with them.

The majority of Americans embrace a “live and let live” philosophy, even if they have more conservative beliefs. Most of us are not interested in empowering our government to advance a particular religious, sexual, or racial agenda; Americans want the freedom to practice their private beliefs without hindrance from the government or harm toward others. This includes, significantly, beliefs about gender and sexuality.

Beliefs about human sexuality and basic biology are foundational to the shaping and rearing of children. Parents alone are divinely granted the privilege of instilling these foundational beliefs. Children are born to parents; at birth, they are not born to a history teacher or school counselor. The art teacher or science teacher does not follow the child through the toddler years and early elementary years, bearing with fits and firsts. Thirty-year-old history teachers didn’t absorb the weight of training, disciplining, and encouraging these precious lives from their first steps and across the graduation stage. They are entrusted with teaching a particular academic topic, not a philosophy of sexual and gender grievance. Saving children’s lives and speaking truth into their darkness isn’t a good deed or a charitable effort; it’s our duty as adults. Children’s mental and physical health and safety need to be a priority. Leading innocent children down a primrose path of woke ideologies when their minds are not fully developed, is abusive, and we must call it so.

Our mass contagion of gender dysphoric children, as well as those who, following the same logic, now identify as cats or other animals, is not organic. It is a result of the orchestrated efforts of a small number of wayward adults who aim to create chaos in the fragile age of adolescence. The masterminds behind this contagion are “educators,” progressive individuals and organizations pushing this content into our public AND private schools. Their so-called “affirmation path” is a repugnant lie about human nature and biology. It says that changing your genitalia or binding your chest, or changing your name from Anna to Alex will be the answer to your struggles. It’s telling children that they are deeply physically flawed, unacceptable except through surgical or hormonal tricks that, in the end, cannot change the child’s gender. Boys cannot get pregnant and have periods. For those who love science, transgender ideology is a lie.

Contrary to cries from the left, pushing back on the expanding menu of woke identity activism has nothing to do with “trans hate.” It also has nothing to do with an adult’s private sexual preference, either, so long as it doesn’t demand a platform in our children’s lives. Instead, it has everything to do with defending our children from a destructive and dark agenda that is patently unscientific and clearly linked to mental pathologies.

Children and teens with undeveloped minds and bodies are now the pawns of gender ideology, which itself is rooted in Marxist thought and antithetical to everything we believe about American unity. Our great nation, entrusted to guard our safety and liberty, must not indoctrinate its children with lies that will certainly destroy us from within. This calculated, coordinated, multi-prong effort to eliminate Western Civilization comes at a cost—our nation’s hope and future, our American children.

In our follow-up article, Education Veritas will cover action items we can all take to combat the indoctrination of America’s children.

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